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Wednesday , 17 August 2022

TrafficInfraTech Expo 2012 Successful Eventful Bountiful

Rui Oliveira, Sernis, Portugal too exhibited with Mass Trans. “The market in India for the traffic industry and traffic products is good. We manufacture road studs, tunnel studs and LED streetlights. Our products should be quite useful given the traffic condition in India where often road studs wear out in about three-four months. After that, they lie just like that on the roads like useless metal. But our road studs last much longer. They can be installed in crossroads, highways, toll lanes etc. The LED streetlights can also be powered by solar energy and are low on energy consumption. TrafficInfraTech Show has given us immense exposure for the same.”

Kevin Kelly, CEO, Globe Tech, Ireland said that his company offered software solutions for cities around the world to help them manage their parking needs – from enforcement and management points of view. “What we have seen so far of Mumbai, shows that it needs traffic management and parking management. During this visit we met with the Chief Engineer of the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai and gave him a presentation. He and other officials were very interested in the solutions we had to offer for the Mumbai situation. I think the main problem in traffic management in Mumbai is the huge population, its structure and the high density of cars, which is almost twice the international average. The key to parking and traffic management is enforcement which Mumbai needs to get on board and understand. We are introducing our solutions at the Expo.”

For Roger Inqvist, Prisma Teknik, Sweden, this was his second visit to India. “We manufacture push buttons used at traffic intersections for pedestrians. We are looking at how we can contribute towards increasing traffic safety for pedestrians in India. I feel that we cannot only sell our products but also knowledge about traffic safety for pedestrians. For this, we need to meet at least four stakeholders – the municipal authorities who are the end users, a company that produces the traffic controllers, a company which does the maintenance and servicing of the installations and then some local blind people associations or groups who would also be our users. I am very happy with the Show as we are meeting the right people. India is a huge market with many opportunities. We are trying to tap the huge markets here.”

Christopher Laverge, Pre-Sales Engineer, Macq, Belgium said, “We are here to explore the growing market for traffic management systems in India. We help to integrate all this technology, the devices and buildings into one integrated solution. Our role is realised in the operator room of a traffic management solution provider. We are sharing with Mass Trans our experience of over fifteen years in traffic management. The Expo has provided us a large platform and an opportunity to meet with the people we need to meet.”

T K Amla, Head, Information, Liaison & Training, CSIR – Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) was happy he could meet national and international stakeholders. “We could meet the players, manufacturers & suppliers and could update our knowledge about the latest products for further market development. We could meet government officials from Public Works Department (PWD) and officials from foreign companies also.”


Ugo Prini, Area Export Manager, Imeva Spa, Italy, a repeat exhibitor, was happy with ‘good visitors’. His products are mainly safety barriers and steel culverts. Said he, “We were able to find twenty distributors in the Expo. This will help us serve the Indian market with our Grade 47 and Grade 51 Black Steel new generation of barriers. Local products of the same material have grown obsolete. We are one year old in India and want to further explore the Indian market. We also met a lot of contractors, consultants and competitors. We are one of the leaders in Europe for safety barriers and culverts and glad to participate in TrafficInfraTech Expo in Mumbai. The Show has been very well organised. We have had good visitors — road contractors and government road department officials. They are our target customers in India. The Indian market is very good and quite important for us.”

Ricky D’Souza, South Asia Regional Sales Manager, Laser Technology, USA said, “This exhibition has really been great and we have had a great coverage. We have seen good potential clients. It is great seeing so many people around – a lot of companies from all around the world have participated in it. It is very good to have a breakthrough in the Indian market as this is the first time we have come here from USA. Our new product – TruCAM – works on laser technology and gives digital picture video of speed of vehicles. It has a built in GPS which tells you the longitude and the latitude of the location and gives out all the possible evidence that a speed camera does. I would like to introduce the same to the Indian market. I am happy with the response here.”

Sanjiv Taneja, Proprietor, Integra Design exhibited a laser speed video enforcement system. He said, “The show has been very well organised. We have been looking out for the last fifteen years for such a show. We had visited TrafficInfraTech Expo held at Delhi last year and now, during its second edition, we decided to participate. We are very happy with the response as we have come all the way from Delhi. We had some eminent people who were interested in road safety, traffic management and enforcement. We have a primary device called the laser speed video enforcement system which goes as a part of mobile enforcement platform called the interceptor which is our specialisation. The interceptor has been used in the curriculum of Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE). We have been offering this solution to more than 15 states and the centre. I have received some brilliant enquiries. I thank and congratulate the organiser for taking us all under one roof.”

Vivek Bhasin, Director & CEO, BASE Systems Private Limited, said, “The enquiries we received were technology and product specific and we had a very good footfall. The show is very relevant to the traffic industry.”

Romdoul Sin (Bong), Director, Stalker Radar Inc, USA was of the opinion that the exhibition served as a common point of interaction with policy makers, decision makers and industrial clients.


Sandeep Channan, Head – Business Development, Egis Infra Management India participated in the Expo for the first time. “The show has been good and we have been able to meet some of our prospective clients over here. The customers and visitors here are relevant to us. Egis Worldwide is basically O&M Specialist, that is, operation and maintenance specialist apart from other things. We started our operations in the end of 2010 and we are managing India’s busiest and biggest toll plaza that is Delhi–Gurgaon Expressway apart from other projects. The enquires are like how do we do it and what are our specialties and how can we make things better for them. We see where are the leakages – at or out of the toll plazas, how we can plug-in the leakages out of the toll plaza – minimise them and maximise revenues. So that’s the reason we are now in India and hope to grow further. This Expo is the right platform for us.”

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