Friday , 22 January 2021

Trafitek installs Integrated Parking Availability Display System

Trafitek Solutions Pvt Ltd, one of the exhibitor of Smart Mobility 2017 -TrafficInfraTech Expo and Parking InfraTech Expo- has developed an interface software to combine two different software applications on a web platform adding a new value to the end user experience. Trafitek integrated a third-party Parking Management System with their Variable Messaging Signs (VMS) installed at the road intersection near the Kharghar Railway station in Navi Mumbai to display vacant parking slots, thereby giving advanced information to the motorists before approaching, helping them to plan their time effectively

The software could tap into the database of the Parking Management System and collect the values of selective parameters such as – total number of parking capacity and then the parking slots available for cars & two- wheelers. The interface software then passes on these values to the VMS application where they get displayed. The software also facilitates to switchover the display from showing Parking information to showing regular pre-programmed messages and alerts to the travellers.

Throughout the process, Trafitek was continually involved with software teams on both the sides, the VMS as well as the Parking Management System. This integration helps people with advanced decision making before reaching the parking bay. Dhaval Desai, MD, Trafitek Solutions Pvt Ltd, said, “As part of our slogan of Driving Humanisation, we shall continue to put efforts in building such integrated solutions for better mobility and satisfaction of the people”.


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