Monday , 25 May 2020

UHF Readers

The UHF Short Range Reader Module ID ISC.MU02.02 from Infotek Software Ltd is a part of the OBID i-scan UHF-Series. It consists of a small single PCB has a read range of 2m in combination with the UHF-Antenna ID ISC ANT U170/170-EU. It has two multiplexed outputs for various applications using Hirose UFL connector. The output power is configurable with different power modes. It has 4 different interfaces such as RS232, RS232-LVTFL, USB, data clock for variable integration into already existing and future systems. There is a shut down contact for external power down of the reader module. It has four mounting holes which makes it mechanically compatible with the products of the OBID classic-pro or OBID i-scan HF-Series

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