Saturday , 22 February 2020

UITP India’s seminar on E-Mobility & Technology Innovation

The 3rd UITP ( International Association of Public Transport) India Bus Seminar on E-mobility and Technology Innovation was recently held in the month of May in New Delhi. Hosted by Delhi Integrated Multi- Modal Transit System (DIMTS), the event saw industry experts sharing their perspectives on how the electric bus landscape will evolve going forward globally as well as in India. Various speakers deliberated on the high investment cost of electric buses but also pointed out the longterm benefits these buses bring since the cost of ownership in the long run is quite less as compared to ICE buses.

The seminar also threw light on how electric buses can reduce local emissions, drive lower operating cost backed by government incentives. A panel discussion on ‘Role of Technology to build Sustainable Bus Transport for Cities’, Electric Bus Technology – Moving into Future, Technology Innovation for Bus Transport, Digital Fare Collection was also held.

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