Wednesday , 19 June 2019

Variable Display Signs for Hubballi-Dharwad

In a bid to ease traffic movement, Hubballi-Dharward Police Commissionerate (HDPC)is planning to fix electronic variable display signs in Hubballi.  Apart from information on traffic situation on roads, police will also use the displays to educate people on traffic rules.

Speaking to TrafficInfraTech, Pandurang Rane, Police Commissioner, said, “We have procured two variable displays from a Delhi-based company through open tender. These systems will start functioning by end-of this week. As soon as we get more funds from Karnataka state, there are plans to install four more variable displays in Hubballi and later even at Dharwad.”

HDPC also has plans to install 1000 cameras across the twin-city under the ‘Safe City Programme’ for city surveillance and traffic regulations.

Hubballi-Dharwad Police Commissionerate has also introduced two new towing vehicles for seizing four-wheelers parked in “No Parking” zones, to streamline the vehicular traffic in busy areas. In addition, they have a special mechanism to lift the rear wheels of the cars also.

Pandurang Rane said, “If the vehicle is towed when the hand-brake is applied, it gets damaged, and the vehicle owners complain about this. To avoid, a special mechanism has been added to the towing machines, to have additional wheels under the rear wheels of the cars, so that no damage is caused. The new towing-vehicles would be functional within a week in twin cities. This mechanism is being used for the first time in the state.”

The Commissionerate also plans to procure a command vehicle with cameras and other surveillance facilities for better policing. This vehicle to be purchased would be used during processions, protests, VIP movement and on other such special occasions, he informed.




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