Tuesday , 1 December 2020

“We are happy we participated”

The exhibitors were happy and contented with the quality of the visitors at Smart Mobility (TrafficInfraTech Expo & ParkingInfraTech Expo) 2016. Ministers, ministerial representatives, traffic law enforcers, policy makers, planners and traffic industry professionals – they were all there.

Senthil Mariappan
CEO, Datacorp Traffic

TrafficInfraTech Expo has been a great eye-opener not just for us but also for those looking for accurate data. We met many prospective clients at the Expo.

Senthil-MariappanDatacorp is an exclusive traffic data collection company. All these years we have been working for international companies. So, when we look at the Indian scenario, we realise that the data is collected in a pathetic manner. In the Indian market which is very different and unique, a single product/technology cannot give accurate data. We need to combine different technologies to get the accurate data. Lately we have been hearing about a lot of big transformations but these transformations can happen only when there are base data. This data has to be accurate for achieving big transformations and this is where our role comes into picture. We ensure to bring together all the international technologies to deliver accurate data for the Indian market.

Mahesh Dandawate
Managing Director Samarth Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mahesh-DandawateWe conduct automated traffic surveys using portable ATCC systems as well as video based analytics. We also conduct engineering surveys for development of infrastructure for new alignment, etc. At present, we are operating one call center for road users of national highways with regard to their safety and security. A big problem Indian highways face right now is that there are no trauma care centers, neither vans nor ambulances, on the highways. Helpline numbers exist but they are different for each and every highway. There should be a unique and single helpline number. Right now we operate 1033 helplines for national highways in five states in India but we face challenges like lack of mapping. The big telephone companies are not ready to map the calls and route them to specific numbers. The ministry should look into the matter.

Vikas Nigam
DGM (Solution Application Business),
Polixel Security Systems Pvt Ltd

Polixel Security Systems are the solutions provider and developer for the software that is related to video and surveillance management. We also have various other applications related to traffic enforcement and traffic management like the ANPR, RLVD for the violations and over-speeding cameras. A few years ago, Noida Expressway had come to be known as a killer stretch. But after the implementation of our video incident detection system, video analytics, ANPR and over-speeding along with the general surveillance, the accidents reduced by at least 40 percent. Apart from that we have also launched a couple of applications for the purpose of general surveillance of Smart & Safe City initiative.
Exhibitions like TrafficInfraTech Expo give us a platform to showcase our ability and capability.

Jitendra-Narayan-DasJitendra Narayan Das
Qualix Information System LLP

This is the first time we are participating in TrafficInfraTech Expo, and we did good business. We feel that in urban transportation management, there are certain issues on which the government needs to take immediate action. Even if we put some VMS or install some equipment on roadside, in reality people are not educated to use those kinds of technologies. They need to be made aware of these.

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