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Thursday , 30 June 2022

WIM Sensors

Double-Length Lineas from Kistler is a state-of-the-art sensor for Weigh-In- Motion applications. It is fully compatible with the previous version (Type 9195E… with length 0.75 m or 1m). However, one sensor row covering a traffic lane consists of only two sensors instead of four.

Due to the new length (1.5 m, 1.75 m or 2m), sensor installation and cable routing can be done faster and more easily; as a result system and installation costs are lower. The Lineas is based on quartz, the leading technology for dynamic measurements in a rough environment. It is the most accurate and reliable WIM sensor for weight measurements at low and high speed and in regions with extremely cold or warm climate. Once installed no maintenance is required. Lineas sensors are successfully used in different applications all over the world.

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