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Saturday , 29 January 2022

Zilogic Systems

BlackKite – A Family of Remote Asset Monitoring & Control Devices
BlackKite is a family of remote asset monitoring devices, with integrated GPRS, which is compact, affordable and cloud connected. The abundant number of digital and analog inputs enables the users to connect multiple sensors to collect and analyze asset usage information. The digital outputs allow the user to control the asset on demand.  Its built-in cloud ready communication interface allows the enterprise applications to access actionable device data through rich set of RESTful API.  Multiple variants are designed to address Fleet Management, Vehicle telematics and M2M applications.

BlackKite-Fleet, is a variant tailored to address mobile assets and fleet management applications, with integrated highly accurate SiRF IV GPS. It is built with additional features to address solutions beyond “Track and Trace”.

BlackKite-Fleet Pro, a future version shall support OBD II for vehicle diagnostic along with two-way voice communication and emergency call button. It also embeds an accelerometer sensor to monitor harsh braking, acceleration and tampering.

BlackKite-RTU, is a variant tailored for addressing M2M communication with rich set of analog and digital input/outputs suitable for remote monitoring and control of fixed assets. The device is built with open standard protocols like HTTP/MQTT which eases the integration with cloud platforms and enterprise applications.  The RS485/ModBus interface makes the device highly scalable and customizable by allowing the user to expand the IO capability and connect multiple digital sensors.

In the case of ITS, the device could be deployed to monitor assets like calling booths, toll gates, and surveillance cameras for faster maintenance and support.

FireFly – Variable Message Signs

FireFly, is a new generation cloud ready variable message sign, built with GPRS communication. The signs are designed to address LED display needs of the toll road operators, infrastructure developers and ITS operators.  The sign board supports multiple languages and graphics for real-time traffic updates and information for the commuters. The built-in cloud interface eases the integration with existing software infrastructure and provides rich device management features like remote diagnostics and content management. The modular design allows the signs to be customized for addressing various colours and sizes, specific to project requirements.


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