Tuesday , 11 December 2018

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Mangala Chandran

We are excited for two reasons. TrafficInfraTech has completed seven years of publication and with this issue, it is entering the eight year. Being the premier publication to look at Traffic Technology and Infrastructure comprehensively, it has garnered wider readership and acceptance. Secondly, the 7th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo along with Parking InfraTech Expo has shaped up very well with larger participation by the solution providers. With showcasing of technology as the prime objective, the Show has been maintaining its unique character and identity. The Conference this year too has a line-up of experts from both the Government and the Private sector.

We thank our readers for being with us all through the years. We thank the Traffic Industry for believing in the magazine and the Expo. Most importantly the support & encouragement that we have been getting from the concerned Government departments has been of great value.



As the vehicular traffic is increasing, Indian urban areas are facing the biggest issue of adequate parking space. Understandably, the planners of the new smart cities are predicting the increase in demand for surface parking and taking into account the various options for providing workable solutions.

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The future transportation is poising towards a big change that would be system level focused, connected, automated, integrated and would influence the different aspects of our lives. The focus stories in this issue of TrafficInfraTech precisely touches upon concepts like connected mobility, electric mobility and the multimodal integration from the perspective of end-users. However, to achieve these goal different agencies and departments need to work together.

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After being held in New Delhi and Mumbai from 2011, TrafficInfraTech Expo and Parking Infratech Expo were taken to Hyderabad this year and the shows did meet the expectations of the different stakeholders. A perfect blend of business and knowledge sharing was achieved with the participation of high-level officials from both the public and private sectors: The Government officials, the Police, Technology providers, Consultants and Industry experts…

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JUNE – JULY 2017

The Smart Mobility event (September 13-15, Hyderabad) with two very important Expos – TrafficInfraTech Expo and Parking Infratech Expo – is just around the corner. As the expos are designed to integrate the multiple areas of traffic/ transport and parking management, this issue of Trafficinfratech also looks at these in national and international perspectives.

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APRIL – MAY 2017

Has the word ‘smart’ been overused? Is it time to move on? Apparently not. Greenfield smart cities will be in the making for many years and the best option perhaps is to get deeper into the concept which is a smart combination of various independent & self decisive components connected through technology. TrafficInfraTech spoke to different smart city consultants to understand the process of connecting the transport/ mobility part to other vital components.

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One of the main components of the integrated development of India’s smart cities in the making is Smart Traffic & Transport. In fact this is the main focus, as facilitating the movement of citizens within the city via transport network is necessary to a city’s economical and social growth.

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DEC 2016 – JAN 2017

India is expected to leapfrog the world in digital payment technology said, industry experts at a Huddle 2017 session on “Cashless India: A road map for the future. Going cashless is imperative for India to ignite growth among 400 million people. Mobile technologies and services are set to give a sense of comfort for the people especially while travelling.

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