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Wednesday , 17 August 2022


Logipix has made the next step in the evolution of traffic surveillance as it successfully combines high frame rate, extremely high resolution and automated violation detection methods in a complete high-end solution.

LOGIPIX-SystemSmart City solutions are best serving the needs of citizens to live a safe, convenient and happy life. The mission to develop Smart Cities in India consists of many diverse tasks. Logipix System can cover important parts of this project. It could ensure the security of the traffic and the security of the people on the streets. Logipix is a multi-purpose system. Besides it provides several traffic surveillance functions; it is also suitable for city surveillance.

Logipix System is able to completely fulfill Smart City directives regarding to cost-effectiveness as its smart solutions do more with less of resources. The hardware and software elements are able to detect different types of violations. All the system functions are provided at each intersection by the basic hardware with appropriate licenses. This way, purchase cost, installation and maintenance costs can be drastically decreased.

Mission of the Logipix System

surveillance-functionsThe aim of Logipix System is to maintain the security in everyday traffic by precisely detecting and recording several types of traffic violations resulting irrefutable evidences for local authorities. As drivers know that all their offending actions could be captured, they will comply with traffic rules. Therefore the number of collisions and the traffic jams can be excessively reduced.

The other goal of Logipix System is to provide city surveillance as well.  It is able to maintain security on the streets by recording any suspicious, violent and crime activity on high quality security footage. On these recordings, all faces can be recognized even at far distances for future identification.

Challenges of today’s traffic surveillance

Security video systems have to deal with a lot of difficulties and the diverse needs of modern traffic surveillance. The cameras must provide exceptional image quality in all light conditions. The resolution must be high enough for license plate recognition and a single device have to cover large-scale areas at once. This could be also necessary in the aspect that a few cameras in an intersection yet don’t harm the cityscape. A dozen cameras installed on the traffic light pillars could result a really weird view.

single-camera-logipixAccurate automatic detection is the key to react most effectively to traffic violations. It is also essential to get clear and sharp images of fast moving cars, that can be used as irrefutable visual evidences when times come to prove a traffic violation. To do so the cameras must produce high frame rate with a compression standard that compress every images individually. This way the system is able to ensure the safety of the vehicles, relieve chaotic traffic flow and makes citizens’ life more secured and comfortable.

Solution from Logipix

The Logipix System ensures a complete, end-to-end solution for traffic surveillance and city surveillance tasks. It consists of high-end hardware and software components that are fully compatible with each other. They enhance each other to even a higher quality.

logicpixThe system ensures continuous monitoring of the traffic situation 24/7, and records all cases of traffic offenses in the intersections. The LOGIPIX System is flexible. It could provide an efficient solution for even several thousands of intersections and the system could easily expand during a subsequent city development stage. The operation of the system covers the entire work flow from violation detection and recording to traffic citation.

In the Logipix System, a single camera covers one direction of the vehicles in an intersection, even if it includes several lanes. The worldwide unique 20 Megapixel camera generates high speed, 20 FPS JPEG2000 video stream, wherein even fast motions seem to be continuous. Every license plates can be recognized in the large-scale monitored area. Together with the integrated Logipix Flash, the camera provides stunning images no matter if it’s day or night.

Images in the LOGIPIX System are compressed individually with the visually lossless JPEG2000 compression standard. The embedded multiresolution capability of the JPEG2000 is the key factor of the dynamic bandwidth management function.

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